Children of LOVE in Cambodia

Andrew Gray (November 29th, 2008)

LOVE stands for “Lens Of Vision & Expression.” LOVE is a non-profit created by Samantha Oulavong to provide digital photography workshops for non-profit organizations working with marginalized children around the world.

The children from LOVE’s workshop have documented their lives photographically and the issues surrounding them: their living conditions, environment, work situations, as well as their dreams for the future. LOVE is addressing these issues by empowering marginalized children to escape the cycle of poverty. Against this background of poverty, the children’s photographs illustrates the dignity and sensitivity of the community and of each other.

Photography gives the children a voice, when their own voices often go unheard. Because the future of humanity is dependent on children, LOVE is committed to helping marginalized children to give witness and challenge to the world.


Photographed by various children who participated in a LOVE workshop in Cambodia

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